US Travel Checklist

US travel checklist for Europeans traveling to the US

Are you a European and thinking of heading to the US? That’s so cool! Before you are heading off to your next adventure you might want to do a little bit (just a little, I promise!) of research before you leave. Do you have a passport that’s valid for at least six months beyond your stay? Did you apply for an ESTA? And do you have a voltage transformer? If this sounds new to you you might want to check out my handy checklist!

Below you will find a full checklist of what kind of documents you need before you leave, handy apps you might want to install and other practical information. Make sure you’re all set so you can fully enjoy your time in the US!

  • Did you apply for an ESTA (your travel is for 90 days or less)?
  • Are you covered in the US with your current insurance (medical emergencies and treatment, including hospital stays)? Medical treatment can be really expensive!
  • Do you have any regular medication? If so, have you checked that those medications are legal to bring into the US? Usually, it’s best to bring meds in their original packaging along with the original prescription. Sometimes a letter from your doctor, explaining what the meds, are is required.
  • Do you have a credit card or a card which allows you to pay in the US?
  • Have you told your bank you’re going overseas (sometimes cards get blocked automatically when your bank, all of a sudden, sees a lot of payments in a foreign country)?
  • Do you have an app on your phone that can convert to US Dollars?
  • Are you able to use your mobile phone in the US or do you plan to buy a local prepaid card?
  • Have you checked your data roaming and voicemail settings to prevent high bills?
  • If you’re planning to use a local or travel SIM, is your mobile phone unlocked?
  • Do you have all tickets (boarding passes or car rental confirmations etc.) saved on your phone (or available offline)? Or do you need to print them?
  • Do you need to pre-book any (entry) tickets? National Park pass? Musical ticket? Baseball game?
  • Do you have an on- or offline city map?
  • Do you need any other handy transportation maps or time schedules?
  • Do you have any connecting flights and enough time in-between to transfer? Passing the US border may take some time!
  • Will your luggage be transferred to your final destination or do you need to take it off the belt yourself?
  • Did you check how to get to and from the airport to your accommodation? Do you need to pre-book any transfers (taxi, train etc.)?
  • Have you done some research on US culture and its traditions (this blog post is great!)?
  • Do you speak English? Or did you download a translation app or have a translation guide?

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US Travel Checklist

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