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One of the best experiences I have whenever I travel to a new destination? Visiting all the local food hotspots, restaurants, and food markets! This brought me to the idea of creating the Travel Foodies series. In this series, you will meet other traveling foodies revealing their best food/drink spots and tasty tips.

In this blog post, you will get to know Kerri (Serial Jet Setter). Kerri is a Scottish blogger who thinks about food all the time! She is an anything-goes kind of foodie and loves the Spanish kitchen (tapas!). However, one of her best food experiences took place in Okonomi village (Japan) where she tried an interesting kind of pancake. 

1. Hi Kerri! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Kerri (blogging alter ego Serial Jet Setter), based in Edinburgh (Scotland), and I’m 30 years old. I started my travel blog, purely as a hobby. It’s nice to have a creative outlet outside of my 9-5 job.

Growing up, my family would always say I was a ‘good eater.’ I very rarely turned my nose up at anything and would pretty much eat whatever was put in front of me. I think this stems from not having what would be considered as ‘children’s’ meals. I would just eat a smaller portion of what the grown ups were having. I, therefore, grew up with quite an adventurous taste.

It’s perhaps not the healthiest attitude to have but I don’t tend to see food as fuel, for me, it’s all about enjoyment. I associate food with friends, family, socializing and all the amazing travel experiences I’ve had throughout the years.

2. What kind of foodie are you?

I would say I am an anything-goes kind of foodie! Most of my travels revolve around food and usually a cooking class of some sort. While I’m eating breakfast, I’m already thinking about where to go for lunch!

I always do some restaurant research before traveling but for the most part, I rely on finding hidden gems while exploring and speaking with locals. Although it’s always tempting to have a quick look at TripAdvisor I do try and avoid relying too much on other people’s views so that I can enjoy the experience firsthand.

Some of the best food experiences I’ve had have been places that don’t look like anything special from the outside. For example, I found a great pizza place down a side street in Hamburg, just off the Reeperbahn. The restaurant exterior looked a bit worse for wear and was covered in graffiti, the pizza was delicious though!

Travel Foodie Sevilla Cooking

3. Which country has the best food and why?

It’s difficult to pick just one country but I’m going to go with Spain. Perhaps not for any kind of food in particular but because I really enjoy the tapas culture.

Eating tapas in Spain is very much a social activity. It’s nice to be able to try a variety of different foods and it’s common to barhop and order small plates in different places.

The photo below is a popular dish in Madrid, known as bocadillo de calamares (squid sandwich). It’s a very simple snack consisting of fresh bread and squid rings coated in flour and deep-fried. With a squeeze of lemon juice and some mayonnaise, it’s usually paired with a cold beer. Simple but tasty!

Tapas Spain Travel Foodie

4. Your best local food experience abroad?

Okonomi-mura (also known as Okonomi village) in Hiroshima, Japan has probably been one of my favorite food experiences to date. Described as a food theme park, the building houses over 20 okonomiyaki restaurants.

Okonomiyaki is the region’s signature dish and it’s a savory Japanese pancake filled with beansprouts, cabbage, noodles and other ingredients of your choice.

The layout is street vendor style so you watch the dish being made in front of you and then eat it fresh straight off the metal teppan grill. Visiting Japan was my first time in Asia and it exceeded all my expectations and eating at Okonomi-mura is one of my favorite memories.

Hiroshima Japan Asia Travel Foodie

5. The strangest thing you ever tasted during one of your travels?

The strangest thing I can think of is when my friend encouraged me to try chicken feet. The weirdest bit about it was having to pull off the nails before eating the foot.

The taste mainly came from the sweet sticky sauce they were cooked in. As you would expect, there wasn’t much meat on them. You are basically just eating skin and tendons, so the texture was a bit peculiar at first.

I would order them again as I love sharing new food experiences with others too. Chicken feet can be served hot or cold so I would be tempted to order them cold next time.

6. Which food hotspot do we absolutely need to visit? 

Naše maso, which is a traditional Czech butcher in the city of Prague. This small butcher shop which only has a select number of tables is a meat lover’s heaven and they serve up some of the best steak tartare I’ve ever tasted.

The steak tartare is seasoned with egg, onion, and pickle and served with toasted bread. There is the option to take away but should you manage to nab a table, I would recommend sitting in.

The atmosphere is vibrant and not only can you watch the butchers at work but you can also serve your beer from the beer tap on the wall!

Prague Meat Butcher Travel Foodie

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