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One of the best experiences I have whenever I travel to a new destination? Visiting all the local food hotspots, restaurants, and food markets! This brought me to the idea of creating the Travel Foodies series. In this series, you will meet other traveling foodies revealing their best food/drink spots and tasty tips.

In this blog post, you will get to know Sabine (Saudalicious). This foodie is half Portuguese and she loves writing about the simple and tasty Portuguese kitchen on her blog. Sabine has an open mind and is not afraid to try interesting dishes that include organs! She hopes to inspire people with healthy and modern dishes.

1. Hi Sabine! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Sabine, I’m 27 years old, half Portuguese and I live in the Netherlands. Besides my job as a psychologist, I have a blog called “Saudalicious”. Saudalicious stands for three words: “Saudades”, “saudável” and “delicious”. Saudades is a Portuguese untranslatable word, which I use to express what I feel when I think about Portugal, the memories I have, and my desire to keep re-visiting this country.

Before I started my blog, I created an Instagram account. I started photographing and sharing some of my favorite healthy recipes, based on the Portuguese kitchen on Instagram. Quickly I noticed people were liking and trying my recipes. After that I decided to develop my own website and to read more about blogging and food photography.

On my blog, I share healthy recipes with a Portuguese touch, Portuguese hotspots in the Netherlands, and articles about physical and mental health. I sometimes use Portuguese recipes and I give them my own healthy, modern twist. Or I use their beautiful pure ingredients or methods of food preparation in a new dish I created myself. I use my Instagram account to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle based on a Mediterranean slow-living.

Saudalicious Travel Foodies

2. What kind of foodie are you?

When I’m abroad I try to avoid mainstream food because I enjoy eating at little local restaurants. This allows me to get myself familiar with the local culture. In Portugal, for instance, the locals go to restaurants with TL lights, at least 3 televisions on the wall, and they often don’t provide a menu. The waiters will tell you what food they have to offer while you sit at the table. Those types of places are often the best to experience the typical Portuguese ambiance and the food is usually really good!

I like to ask locals for recommendations. I’m always eager to try new local dishes, even if it’s something strange like organs. I tried a Portuguese dish called “tripas” (guts) and I tasted the Scottish “haggis” (contains several organs). At that moment my curiosity is way bigger than my fear or disgust. However, I don’t eat local food every day. That’s because every restaurant pretty much serves the same local dish. I like to mix things up and I enjoy visiting modern, international, healthy or vegetarian hotspots as well.

Besides going out for lunch or dinner, I love to see what kind of spices, fruits, and vegetables they sell in local supermarkets. I often end up taking something along with me and eat it for breakfast.

3. Which country has the best food and why?

That’s a hard question to answer! I enjoy going for dinner at the Middle Eastern restaurants in the Netherlands, but I have never been to Asia myself. For now, my favorite kitchen is the Portuguese one. I like their pure and simple dishes, such as açorda de camarão, a bacalhau or octopus with lots of garlic and onions. These are all delicious local dishes. But my all-time favorite dish is grilled octopus with mango.

4. Your best local food experience abroad? 

I had my best local food experience the first time I visited the “Festas of Amiais de Baixo” (a local Christian festival in our village in Portugal). For 5 days, all residents open their doors and have tables full of food. Mostly meat, fish or sweets but some people serve their own specialties. In-between all the festivities and fireworks, everybody meets each other to enjoy food and wine.

There is always more than enough food for everyone! People always make jokes about that you have the pay the owner depending on the amount of weight you gain each time you leave someone’s house, lol. For me, this was the first time I experienced an event like this. This experience positively surprised me!

Saudalicious Travel Foodies

5. The strangest thing you ever tasted during one of your travels?

The strangest thing I ever tasted is the Portuguese dish “tripas” I told you about before. When we visited Porto, my family told me to try the delicacy “tripas á moda do Porto”. It turned out it didn’t look like guts at all, so I was happy about that. I tried to be open-minded and I have to admit that, because they used a lot of ingredients and nice spices, it tasted quite good. But still, I don’t think I would ever order it again because it doesn’t go with my principles.

Saudalicious Travel Foodies

6. Which food hotspot do we absolutely need to visit?

The first place that comes to mind is a restaurant in Lisbon called “Jardim dos Sentidos”. They serve Portuguese dishes as well as serve as the best healthy (like sugar-free desserts!) and vegetarian dishes I ever tasted. You can see one of their dishes on my photo below: kebab with pineapple, soy, seitan, and mushrooms with tabbouleh.

The restaurant has a great ambiance, an interesting story and they already exist for 15 years. Oh, and to fully enjoy the experience you can also book a massage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to try that!

Saudalicious Travel Foodies

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Instagram: @saudalicious.sabine
Facebook: saudalicious
Pinterest: sabineisabeldav

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