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Travel Foodies Corners of the World

Meet the Travel Foodies

One of the best experiences I have whenever I travel to a new destination? Visiting all the local food hotspots, restaurants, and food markets! This brought me to the idea of creating the Travel Foodies series. In this series, you will meet other traveling foodies revealing their best food/drink spots and tasty tips.

In this blog post, you will get to know Jessica (Corners of the World). Jessica has been a vegetarian for many years and describes herself as a world citizen. She works and lives as a digital nomad and has a blog Corners of the World. Jessica adores desserts and loves going to hotspots which have an amazing interior.

1. Hi Jessica! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m 27 years old. Originally I’m from Den Bosch (the Netherlands), but nowadays I consider myself a world citizen. This is because I can do most of my work remotely; I work and live as a digital nomad. My blog Corners of the World is about adventurous (solo) travel, eco-travel, backpacking and my life as a digital nomad.

The funny thing is: until a couple of years ago I was not a foodie at all. As a kid, I was really picky about my food and later I became a vegetarian – that didn’t make things easier. But when I moved to Israel I found out how delicious food can be – especially vegetarian and vegan food! It’s much more than simple salads!

Interview Travel Foodies Corners of the World

2. What kind of foodie are you?

I have been a vegetarian for many years, but slowly I’m eating more vegan. A while ago I found out I am lactose-intolerant so I try to avoid milk products like yogurt and cheese as much as possible. That was difficult because I come from a country known for its cheese! 

Luckily there are some cheeses I can still have. However, I try to eat as much vegan as possible. Because of my lifestyle I spend a lot of time in coffee places as well. It’s important for me that – besides a great Internet connection – there is good coffee and some nice food options. Oh, and I love desserts: it’s my favorite part of dinner!

Extra points go to places that make an effort to create an amazing interior, like cute decorations or colorful bits and pieces. 

Interview Travel Foodies Corners of the World

3. Which country has the best food and why?

That’s Israel without a doubt. I adore hummus, baba ganoush, shakshuka, and falafel. And Malabi is a very tasty dessert. There are a lot of influences from the countries around Israel. I was surprised how many vegetarian and vegan options there are in Israel!

A perfect drink for a cold winter day is sahlab: a combination of vanilla, blossom water, coconut rasp, nuts, and hot milk. They can make these dishes vegan-friendly as well.

4. Your best local food experience abroad? 

Eating in an agriturismo in Italy. I love the concept of agriturismo. Farmers couldn’t make enough money, so some of them opened a guesthouse and/or a restaurant. This allows people to taste dishes made with local ingredients. It’s super fresh and delicious.

One of the best meals I have EVER had was in agriturismo “La Foce del Prato” in Framura. The owner told me my all-inclusive dinner would only be €20 euros. I didn’t know what to expect for that price, but I love surprises!

The dinner started with some focaccia and small snacks. Then I received an amazing pasta al pesto. It looked like a simple dish, but it was so good. I thought the dessert would come next, but there was another dish! Apparently, pasta is an in-between-dish in Italy: a primo. I couldn’t stop eating simply because everything was so tasty. After that, there was dessert, coffee, and more (unlimited) wine (I couldn’t walk anymore, lol). 

5. The strangest thing you ever tasted during one of your travels?

I have been to Indonesia a couple of times. One time I was invited to a local wedding. I was really enthusiastic to be part of that special day. In general Indonesian people know how to cook and their food is delicious. I love the spices they and all the banana in their dishes and desserts: my favorite fruit. My friends know I don’t eat meat and I was able to eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. 

But there was one thing on the table and I couldn’t figure out what it was. It looked like a tough dark cookie, dipped in oil. “Try it”, everyone said. I didn’t want to be impolite so I took a bite. It was like chewing on a scooter tire – for as far as I can imagine how that would be like.

“What is it?”, I asked. Then my friend pointed to one of the pigs that was walking around the house. “Pig meat?”, I asked kind of shocked. “No, I know you don’t eat meat. It’s the skin”. Apparently, I was eating pig skin!

6. Which food hotspot do we absolutely need to visit? 

Bellyboy is an amazing cocktail bar in Tel Aviv. The bar feels like a classy old bar from the twenties. But there are no simple margaritas or sex on the beach cocktails. The ingredients are unusual but the combination makes them super delicious.

The cocktails all have funny names such as “Holy Water”, “A Lesson in Fisting”, and “Why the Sour Face?”. They serve drinks in a really cool way like in a small bathtub or a seashell. I even received a cocktail in a giant fist, with a condom in it as a gift! 

The cocktails are a little expensive (about €15 euro per cocktail) but during happy hour they give you a 50% discount. This is definitely a must-visit when you are in Tel Aviv!

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