Travel Bloggers of the Month: Where The Souls Wander

Where The Souls Wander

Travel Bloggers of the Month: Where The Souls Wander

Meet Where The Souls Wander who have been selected as the Travel Bloggers of the Month. Dutch couple Glenn and Maurena love traveling, photography, and storytelling. They have traveled to 8 different countries so far and dream of traveling through Indonesia together! What is the best hidden gem they have come across so far? And which other destinations are on their bucket list? Get to know these travel addicts and their best travel tips in the interview.

1. Hi Glenn and Maurena! Tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

We are Glenn (27 years old) and Maurena (32 years old) and currently living together in Zaandam. We are both born and raised in Den Helder: a Dutch city with beautiful beaches. Glenn is a graphic designer and Maurena works as a studio- & people manager. We have been together for nearly 3 years. Fun fact: Our path crossed several times before we started dating! We both visited the same music festivals and concerts.

After our trip to Morocco in April 2018, we started our Instagram account and in February 2019 our website “Where The Souls Wander” came online. In total, we visited 8 countries together and the 9th is coming up this year!

2. How did you become travel bloggers?

At the beginning of 2018, we decided to focus on what we enjoy doing the most. And that is taking creative photos with our camera and traveling to authentic places around the world. With our backgrounds in graphic design, marketing, and a passion for photography and storytelling we create content and travel guides on our travel blog.

When we travel to a new place we don’t have any expectations. We always try to be in the moment! We let the country surprise and guide us in its own authentic way. That’s why our travel blog is called ‘Where The Souls Wander’. It implicates that we (souls) love to explore and travel around (wander), rather than staying in one place for a long time.

One of our dreams is to travel around the world for a long time and earning money by creating content for our website. Glenn will probably quit his job this year and he is looking for opportunities to go on solo trips.

3. What is your ultimate dream destination?

Glenn’s dream destinations are India and Peru. He is thinking about traveling through South America, in particular, Peru. Cuba has been on Maurena’s bucket list for a couple of years already. The authentic culture, the delicious food (and the Cuba Libres!), the beautiful landscapes, the gorgeous beaches, and the music attracts her a lot.

Another of our dream destinations is to travel through Indonesia together. Maurena has been there twice already, her roots lay there as well, and she is looking forward to show Glenn this beautiful country.

4. Show us your three favorite travel photos…

Sahara desert in Morocco

This photo is taken in the Sahara desert in Morocco. We were wandering through the endless dunes of the Sahara desert. This amazing walk will satisfy nearly every adventurous spirit! A place full of mystery, beauty, and silence that stretches over 11 countries. It was one of our highlights during our trip to Morocco. Can you spot us in the photo?

The Treasury in Petra

On this photo, Maurena is standing before the famous and impressive Treasury in Petra. Hidden between the desert and mountains of Jordan you will find Petra, the ancient rose-red Nabatean city carved out of sandstone and currently one of the seven new wonders of the world. Although it isn’t hidden anymore since 1812 you still feel like a real explorer when you wander around the many architectural wonders in Petra. Look at how large the Treasury is! Maurena looks so small standing in front of it. Tip: We would recommend going as early as possible. The Treasury opens at 6 AM and that is the perfect opportunity for you to avoid the crowds. 

The Bayon temple in Combodia

The Bayon temple was our favorite temple of all of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. This temple is most famous for having 54 towers with each having four faces of Brahma on it. That makes a total of 216 faces! It doesn’t come as a surprise that this temple is often referred to as the ‘Face Temple’. Tip: If you want to avoid most crowds, plan your visit around lunchtime. We noticed it was less crowded and this allowed us to take lots of photos!

5. What do you think is the best-hidden gem?

When people talk about Cambodia they probably name Angkor Wat. Although visiting the temples of Angkor should be on the top of your list when traveling to Cambodia, there is so much more to explore! We loved the diversity this country has to offer. It has a jungle, several beaches, an interesting culture, multiple temples, islands to relax or to party, and a lovely countryside.

Kampot was one of our favorite places we visited during our 3 weeks in Cambodia. For people that are into slow travel, this is a must-visit. Kampot city is easy to explore by foot and all the highlights can be reached by motorbike or a tuk-tuk. The laidback vibe is one of the things that will make you stay longer than planned! Tip: Combine this charming city with a day trip to Bokor National Park or a local pepper plantation. We bet you will have a great time!

6. Tell us your best travel tip…

Glenn has a travel camera backpack from Wandrd and it’s perfect to store your camera gear, a drone, and other travel stuff. With a camera cube, you can store everything nice and tidy. Another tip is trying to plan your trips off-season. So far we have experienced a lot of benefits by doing so!

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Where The Souls Wander

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