Travel Bloggers of the Month: dutchies on the Go

Travel Blogger of the Month - Dutchies On The Go selected by Brenda Explores

Travel Bloggers of the Month: dutchies on the Go

Meet dutchies on the Go who have been selected as the Travel Bloggers of the Month! The travel adventures of this Dutch travel couple started two years ago. On their first trip, they went all the way to Asia without really know each other! How did that end? And what kind of cool destinations can they recommend us? Get to know these lovebirds and their best travel tips!

1. Hi Pascal and Denise! Tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

Hi there! We are Pascal and Denise, 32 and 30 years old, both born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently, we live in Meppel with the cutest cat Ginny! Besides going to the gym, practicing yoga and our shared passion for gin, we both love traveling!

Fun fact: we booked our first trip without really knowing each other! Denise had planned a trip to Okinawa (Japan) in May 2017. We met in January (although we already knew each other for much longer) and Denise told Pascal about her trip. Pascal got very curious and started to do some serious research on Okinawa. In the end, he knew much more about the destination than Denise! 

We started to make jokes about Pascal becoming the tour guide of the trip. And, all of a sudden, Denise decided to book an extra ticket! We were so excited. Although we never asked each other what our ultimate holiday trip looked like everything went perfectly. We are together for two years now!

2. How did you become travel bloggers?

When we flew back from Okinawa, we had a very long transfer in China. There was no Internet and we got slightly bored. We did talk a lot about our amazing trip. How cool would it be to share our stories and pictures? Denise already had a website about health and food, but she wasn’t really passionate about it anymore…She was looking for something new! We chatted about having our own travel blog. After discussing different names we chose “dutchies on the Go”. The word ‘dutchies’ may sound a bit childish but we don’t take life too serious! This name is perfect for us.

Our first website was horrible though! It didn’t turn out the way we expected. Instead of going live we took the entire thing down and started all over again. The current website is online for 1,5 years now. Our goal is to share our stories and inspire others. In the future, we would love to go on a world trip. This planet is way too pretty not to be shared!

3. What is your ultimate dream destination?

We have such a long list of places we still want to visit. And it changes every year. Oops! This year we would love to go (back) to South Africa. A few years ago Denise lived in Pretoria. She can’t wait to share this amazing country with Pascal! Besides that Denise misses the wonderful people, delicious food and cool safari’s.

Another country that’s really high on our list is Bali. It seems like everyone has been there. However, our roots are there. Only Pascal has been to Bali. We would love to go (back) to learn more about the culture. And of course, try out all the tasty food!

4. Show us your three favorite travel photos…

Travel Blogger of the Month - Dutchies On The Go selected by Brenda Explores

This photo was taken at Aharen beach, Tokashiki Island, Okinawa (Japan). This was our first trip together. The start of something beautiful!

Travel Blogger of the Month - Dutchies On The Go selected by Brenda Explores

This picture is shot in Singapore. We just love the food, the people, the way of life and the diversity in this country!

Travel Blogger of the Month - Dutchies On The Go selected by Brenda Explores

At this shot, we are standing in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre (Italy). A must visit when in Italy. We just so so love all the Cinque Terre villages!

5. What do you think is the best-hidden gem?

We believe that Okinawa really deserves a visit! It’s a special place because it’s home to the oldest and healthiest people in the world. We visited Okinawa for ten days but it felt like a month! The island is so relaxed, the food is awesome (they sell fresh sushi in the supermarkets), and the beaches are truly a paradise. Naha, the capital of Okinawa, offers you also everything you wish for in a city. Another good thing is that there aren’t a lot of tourists (yet)!

6. What is your best travel tip?

The best travel tip is our bag! It’s the Bobby bag made by XD Design. We take a lot of gear with us while traveling. We’re always a bit scared to lose something. Especially, if you carry a backpack that can be opened easily. XD Design came up with a design that can’t be opened from the front! You have to take the backpack off to open it. The bag has enough space for our gear. And it even has an external battery to charge your phone. We take this backpack with us on every trip!

Want to know more about Pascal and Denise?
Instagram: dutchiesonthego
YouTube: dutchiesonthego

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Travel Blogger of the Month - Dutchies On The Go selected by Brenda Explores

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