Travel Bloggers of the Month: Digital Travel Couple

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Travel Bloggers of the Month: Digital Travel Couple

Meet Digital Travel Couple who have been selected as the Travel Bloggers of the Month! In 2018 this travel couple sold everything they had and have been traveling around the world non-stop ever since. They are pro’s at creating amazing photos and videos! Which beautiful places have they visited so far? And can we get as good as they are in creating stunning content? Get to know this sporty couple and their best travel tips in the interview.

1. Hi Atiba and Ilse! Tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

Hi, we are Atiba and Ilse! We are from the Netherlands, but sold our house and all of our stuff in 2018 to travel the world. We are full-time content creators and have a travel blog called Digital Travel Couple. Besides that, we absolutely love sports! We both worked full-time in the commercial sector to fund our expensive sports. Ilse was into horse riding and Atiba loved his motor bike. We also competed in championships; national and international. Both on the top level.

While traveling full-time we try to go to the gym weekly. Fun fact: Ilse is addicted to smoothie bowls. And Atiba loves to edit photos with a beer next to him (in the afternoon, haha!)

2. How did you become travel bloggers?

In 2017 we both decided to stop with our sports and focus on other things in life. We suddenly had a lot of time and energy (and money!) left. We started to reinvent ourselves and our passions. We knew we wanted to travel, capture beautiful moments, create a brand, and a valuable business. That’s why we started Digital Travel Couple in 2018.

“We decided to turn the technical part of content creation into something fun and easily understandable!”

Ever since then we started to build our brand and blog. There are so many amazing travel bloggers. We try to do something different by sharing valuable information. We receive a lot of questions on how we create our content. That’s why we decided to turn the technical part of content creation into something fun and easily understandable! You can find our best practices on videography, photography, and editing on our blog.

We also post articles about the best photography spots of the places we’ve visited and add practical tips. Meanwhile, we create and share engaging cinematic travel films about our travel adventures, beautiful hotels, and resorts we stay at. We hope to work with more beautiful brands in the future! As you might have noticed, our blog name ‘Digital Travel Couple’ says it all: we work digitally, we travel and we are a couple.

3. What is your ultimate dream destination?

The first destination that comes to our mind is Madagascar because of the unknown wildlife! We will definitely go there and make an interesting travel film of this island. We also can’t wait to explore the Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, Hawaii, and the Maldives. Those places all seem like a true paradise! I think we will visit them if there’s a special occasion. Oh, and Iceland is on our list! We would love to check out the stunning landscape and the Northern Light.

4. Show us your three favorite travel photos…

Travel Blogger of the Month - Digital Travel Couple - selected by Brenda Explores

This morning in East Bali we went to a viewpoint at Mount Agung to catch the sunrise. It was a magical morning with the volcano clear in sight and made us feel so tiny as humans. Nature is beautiful and it keeps impressing us every time

Travel Blogger of the Month - Digital Travel Couple - selected by Brenda Explores

On Koh Samui (Thailand) we worked with Six Senses. It was the first time we stayed at such an incredible luxury resort with outstanding service and hospitality. We had an ocean view pool villa! This photo was made during sunrise. Magical moments which we will never forget! We also made a video about this amazing experience. 

Travel Blogger of the Month - Digital Travel Couple - selected by Brenda Explores

The hike to the Dragon Crest viewpoint in Krabi was intense. We hiked for 2 hours in humid weather before sunrise. We were exhausted when we reached the peak but the view was so rewarding! It made us realize that you get nothing in life “for free”. You always have to work your ass off, but you will be rewarded for the effort.

5. What do you think is the best-hidden gem?

The Azores are so pure. This region is close to Europe but it feels like entering another world! The Azores are not that touristic yet, so they are the perfect hidden gem. Also, the Philippines are beautiful. Palawan, El Nido, and Boracay are becoming super crowded. So, therefore, we would recommend visiting Cebu and the islands around! We are currently traveling in Sri Lanka. It’s amazing to be here.

“Make some time to learn how you camera works and practice a lot!”

6. What is your best travel tip?

We love to give people advice on how to improve their travel pictures. We help them by choosing the correct settings for their camera. We always shoot during sunrise and sunset to capture soft daylight. Of course, you can shoot when it’s cloudy, but your pictures will get a more moody vibe.

In tropical countries it might be a good idea to take photos during the day with a clear blue sky. But remember usually it’s be better to avoid harsh light and dark shadows. Especially, when you are filming. Make some time and try to learn how your camera works and practice a lot. Hopefully we can inspire many people to create awesome content!

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Travel Blogger of the Month - Digital Travel Couple - selected by Brenda Explores

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