Travel Bloggers of the Month: Coddiwomple

Coddiwomple travel bloggers interview

Travel Bloggers of the Month: Coddiwomple

Meet Coddiwomple who have been selected as the Travel Bloggers of the Month! Yves and Kayleigh are the creative forces behind the Dutch travel blog Coddiwomple. They have quit their 9-5 jobs and are currently traveling through Asia for six months. Sometimes they miss eating Dutch stroopwafels but luckily these lovebirds have a positive attitude. Worry less and enjoy your adventure is pretty much their motto.

Why is the Kui Buri National Park in Thailand one of their best-hidden gems? And which other destinations, besides returning to Congo where Yves is born, are on their bucket list? Get to know these happy travelers and their best travel tips in the interview.

1. Hi Yves and Kayleigh! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi everybody! We are Yves and Kayleigh, both in our mid-twenties and in love with the world. We are marketeers and passionate about writing and photography.

We grew up in the south part of the Netherlands in two really small villages. We met each other when we were students and working at the same shoe shop. Kayleigh immediately fell in love with Yves but it took two (!) years before we finally became a couple. Pretty funny, right? We have been together for 3,5 years already. Time flies!

We moved together to Maastricht. And, although we love our life in Maastricht, we were looking for a new adventure. So we made our biggest dream come true: six months of traveling through Asia. We booked a one-way flight, quit our jobs, sub-rented our home to a sweet Brazilian couple and said goodbye to our beloved friends and family.

Despite the fact, we sometimes miss typical Dutch food such as cheese and stroopwafels we absolutely don’t regret our choice. It’s the best adventure we have ever experienced.

2. How did you become travel bloggers?

It’s a bit of a cliché answer but we love traveling and discovering new cultures. Besides that, Yves enjoys capturing every moment with his camera and/or drone and Kayleigh is passionate about writing. This was the perfect combination to start a travel blog!

After a lot of research, we came up with our blog name: Coddiwomple. The meaning of Coddiwomple is: to travel purposefully towards a vague destination. For us, this describes the meaning of traveling. At first, we were a little afraid to start. There are so many travel bloggers and what makes us different? However, we decided to start and just see what would happen.

After our blog, we started an Instagram account in 2017 but we noticed it’s difficult to maintain a blog while working full-time. Writing content should not be underestimated! Back then we didn’t have a lot of time to work on it. But, now that we are traveling, we have more free time and we can use our creativity differently. So we decided to create a new website with a new look and feel. Creating content is the thing we love doing the most!

3. What is your ultimate dream destination?

Although we are lovers and soulmates we don’t share the same dream destinations. Yves would love to visit Brazil one day and Kayleigh would like to explore Colombia. And we both dream of visiting Congo (Africa). Yves is born in Congo and he would love to return to the country where his roots are. In the meantime, we are infected with the travel bug so we will make sure to visit all of these places in the future.

4. Show us your three favorite travel photos…

Coddiwomple travel bloggers interview

We both think Gardens by the Bay is a magical place on earth. Singapore was our second stop during our six-month trip through Asia and we fell in love with this place!

Coddiwomple travel bloggers interview

This picture was taken during our 4-day motorcycle tour through Ha Giang in Vietnam. The Ha Giang Loop was the highlight of our trip through Vietnam. This picture describes our tour of Ha Giang without words: four days of amazing views. An unforgettable experience! 

Coddiwomple travel bloggers interview

We both love watching sunsets. along with a beer on the beach. Waiting for a sunset is the perfect ending of the day! This photo was taken on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Although Langkawi is not one of our favorite islands, this sunset was truly amazing!

5. What do you think is the best-hidden gem?

We don’t like to share our best-hidden gems…but for you, we will make an exception!

The first gem is the Kui Buri National Park in Thailand. In this park, you can spot wild elephants (if you are lucky). Our tip is to join a local tour through the park. During our safari, we saw countless butterflies, birds, and a family of elephants. There were hardly any other people and the tour guides are very friendly.

Our second secret place is mostly interesting for beach lovers. We fell in love with the island Koh Rong Samloen in Cambodia. Visit this authentic tropical beach for the ultimate relaxing experience.

6.Tell us your best travel tip…

We have a lot of travel tips. We can write a whole book filled with tips! The first piece of advice is to stop worrying about small things during your travels. At the beginning of our six-month trip through Asia, we learned everything will work out in the end. Worry less and enjoy your adventure. Life is too short to worry about things anyway.

The second tip is to invest in a water bottle with a filter. If you invest in a proper one, for example from the brand Lifestraw, you can drink water from the tap everywhere you go. This may seem like a big investment but you will earn it back easily during your trip! And, besides saving money you also limit your plastic use. Win-win!

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Coddiwomple travel bloggers interview

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