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Travel By Heart in Greece

Athina reveals her funniest travel blooper photo

Do picture-perfect travel selfies sometimes make you feel insecure? Don’t be! Even your favorite bloggers don’t feel confident all the time. And their ‘perfect’ photos often take time (not even talking about the editing part). So what if we stopped worrying about what we look like on a photo? What if we were able to laugh at ourselves a bit more? 

In this series, travel bloggers share their funniest travel blooper photo. What’s the story behind their photo? Would they dare to post it on their social media? And do they think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend? Let’s find out which blooper Athina shared with us!

1. Hi Athina! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Athina, I’m 24 years old and I live in the Netherlands. As a 9-year old girl I fell in love with the Greek island Karpathos. Ever since then my parents and I spent all of our vacations there. This isn’t just an island to me. It’s all about the positive feelings this place brings to me. Luckily my boyfriend (Vincent) loves the island as well. In 2017, we even bought a summer residence on the island together! On my blog, Travel by heart, I hope to inspire other people to go on an adventure to Karpathos and experience the special feeling the island gives you. 

2. Can you tell us more about your travel blooper photo?

Vincent and I wanted to celebrate our 7th anniversary in a special way. A few months before I had already seen they were building new villas on Karpathos and I really wanted to check them out! They looked so peaceful, gorgeous and romantic. When we visited one of the villas we fell in love immediately. We could relax all day in those lovely villas!

I liked them so much that I wanted to share this place with the people that follow my blog, so I needed pictures! I thought it would be fun to take a ‘glamorous’ shot. On Instagram I sometimes see ‘perfect’ girls lying so damn classy and looking gorgeous on the edge of an infinity pool. My boyfriend and I joked about it and we thought we would give it a try! In reality, it turned out to be really uncomfortable. I couldn’t even get up normally, but it was very fun though. Vincent tried it as well, but I won’t show you his photos, lol!

Travel Blooper Photo Travel By Heart in Greece at an infinity pool

3. Would you dare to post this travel blooper on your social media channels?

Yes, I would! I think bloopers are so cool. They allow you to really connect with other social media users because you show real emotions so other people can relate to you more.

4. Do you ever feel any pressure to only post “perfect” photos online?

No, I don’t. I never feel the pressure to post a perfect shot. I want my pictures to be good but I think that’s normal. My photos are always real. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of travel bloggers making beaches look totally empty, removing or adding buildings, and giving the canals of Amsterdam a pink color. I really don’t like that because it’s fake. I understand applying a filter to make a photo a little bit nicer but that’s enough for me. 

5. Do you think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend?

Yes! I don’t follow any big lifestyle bloggers/influencers outside of the Netherlands, but I see this trend happening already in the accounts I follow. No use of Photoshop, real photos, and long captions that bring value to people and it seems to work. 

6. What’s your best tip for someone who feels insecure about their online presence? 

I think it is important to know that a lot of photos are fake. People add filters to make their skin more equal and even Photoshop themselves in Bali while they weren’t even there. Please keep that always in mind. The best advice someone gave me was to go through the list of people I follow and unfollow everyone that made me feel bad about myself or unhappy. Search for people who give you confidence and follow them instead!

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Travel Blooper Photo Travel By Heart in Greece at an infinity pool

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