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Suzanne reveals her funniest travel blooper photo

Do picture-perfect travel selfies sometimes make you feel insecure? Don’t be! Even your favorite bloggers don’t feel confident all the time. And their ‘perfect’ photos often take time (not even talking about the editing part). So what if we stopped worrying about what we look like on a photo? What if we were able to laugh at ourselves a bit more? 

In this series, travel bloggers share their funniest travel blooper photo. What’s the story behind their photo? Would they dare to post it on their social media? And do they think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend? Let’s find out which blooper Suzanne shared with us!

1. Hi Suzanne! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi, I’m Suzanne a 26-year-old Dutchie from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As a digital nomad, I like to wander around the world and explore new destinations. I travel for fun as well as for new business opportunities. Currently, I’m back in Europe after spending a couple of months in Asia.

My blog started with the creation of my brand name “Suzanne Somewhere” which describes me perfectly. It’s someone who works and travels to different places over the world. I work as a photographer and I create content for my social media channels (mainly my website, Instagram, and YouTube). The content I create is focused on my personal life as a digital nomad. Have a look…I dare you!

2. Can you tell us more about your travel blooper photo?

My blooper picture was taken last winter during a hike in the Vitosha mountains in Bulgaria. I was there on a city trip during the winter to celebrate Christmas. Finally, I got to experience a snowy Christmas, haha.

I chose to share this picture because it’s funny and stupid at the same time. This photo was taken during a hike with a friend, who wore regular sneakers and slipped a lot during our trip. I was making fun of him because those are not the most practical shoes to wear in the snow. When he took a picture of me smiling in front of the camera (which was pretty hard, because it was so windy and cold) suddenly a part of my leg disappeared in the snow. Did I already mention I can be a bit clumsy? 

After taking this photo I had to walk for an hour with my cold and wet leg. This was not my most clever move during that trip, lol!

Suzanne Somewhere - Travel Blooper Photo

3. Would you dare to post this travel blooper on your social media channels?

Yes, I would dare to share this picture. I posted this photo on my Instagram account last year. It looks a bit stupid, but my friends also know that I’m clumsy. I don’t mind sharing my ‘bloopers’ on Instagram. I think these ‘not-so-perfect’ snaps make my Instagram feed feel more real.

4. Do you ever feel any pressure to only post “perfect” photos online?

I would like to say “no”, but that wouldn’t be completely true. I only post pictures which I feel comfortable sharing with my audience. Most of the time there are several “blooper” shots (which I don’t post), behind every picture I post on my Instagram feed.

So I do feel a little bit of pressure to post perfect shots on my feed. However, I don’t have to post. It’s not mandatory. I post on Instagram because it’s fun to do, so I don’t care too much about perfect pictures. I shoot videos, post random stuff, and love sharing moments with my followers. And those moments include bloopers too!

5. Do you think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend?

I think it all depends on the goal you pursue with your online channels. For now, I don’t see it happening. Maybe because I’m a photographer and editing photos is a big part of my job. Nowadays there are so many editing apps and software programs available to make pictures look better. I don’t see why people would suddenly stop using these. I love the fact I can express myself using different editing styles. It’s almost a form of art to me.

6. What’s your best tip for someone who feels insecure about their online presence? 

Don’t be! And, while I write this down, I realize how easy that sounds. But just think about it. Most of the time people only show their ‘best’ side on social media, including myself. I don’t mind admitting that. I mean, when I post a bikini shot on Instagram, I make sure I pose in a way that looks flattering. If I spill some coffee on my shirt (which happens quite often!), I will probably remove it using editing software. Try not to be too critical of yourself or other people! 

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