My Funny Travel Blooper Photo: Kirsten Floris

My Funny Travel Blooper Photo

Kirsten reveals her funniest travel blooper photo

Do picture-perfect travel selfies sometimes make you feel insecure? Don’t be! Even your favorite bloggers don’t feel confident all the time. And their ‘perfect’ photos often take time (not even talking about the editing part). So what if we stopped worrying about what we look like on a photo? What if we were able to laugh at ourselves a bit more?

In this series, travel bloggers share their funniest travel blooper photo. What’s the story behind their photo? Would they dare to post it on their social media? And do they think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend? Let’s find out which blooper Kirsten Floris shared with us!

1. Hi Kirsten! Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Kirsten and I am 25 years old. I live in The Hague (The Netherlands), but would loveeee to move to another country within a few years. Currently, I have an Instagram account on which I share all my travels. Although I work full time, I do try to visit as many cool places as I can. My colleagues always complain I go on holiday so often!

2. Can you tell us more about your travel blooper photo?

My travel blooper photo is taken in Paris in the Galerie de Paléontologie et d’Anatomie comparée. I visited this city with my boyfriend and two of our best friends.

I have a thing for dinosaurs ever since I was young, and the Triceratops is my favorite kind (I even have a tattoo of it, #nerd). So I had to take a photo with it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people walking through my shot. I tried to look happy but it just made me extremely grumpy! Eventually, this photo is the result…I do highly recommend visiting this place!

My Funny Travel Blooper Photo

3. Would you dare to post this travel blooper on your social media channels?

Yes, I think I would. I don’t mind posting photos where I look funny as long as it fits with a funny story. I do have to admit I haven’t posted a travel blooper photo before on my feed. Maybe only a few on my Instagram Stories!

4. Do you ever feel any pressure to only post “perfect” photos online?

I believe Instagram mostly contains “perfect” pictures. I also enjoy taking beautiful and “perfect” photos. However, I don’t feel a real pressure. Whenever I don’t have a nice photo to post, I just post anything and that is fine. But I do aim for pretty photos!

5. Do you think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend?

Yes, I do! However, I think unedited photos can still look beautiful. If you’re into photography you do aim for good lighting, a beautiful location, and perhaps you throw on a nice outfit too. Hopefully, Instagram will become a bit more realistic in the future.

6. What’s your best tip for someone who feels insecure about their online presence? 

Always remember most people only show their best photos. Just because people don’t show their “ugly or failed” pictures doesn’t mean that they don’t have any!

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Instagram: @kirst_floris

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My Funny Travel Blooper Photo

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