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De Reizigers reveal their funniest travel blooper photo

Do picture-perfect travel selfies sometimes make you feel insecure? Don’t be! Even your favorite bloggers don’t feel confident all the time. And their ‘perfect’ photos often take time (not even talking about the editing part). So what if we stopped worrying about what we look like on a photo? What if we were able to laugh at ourselves a bit more?

In this series, travel bloggers share their funniest travel blooper photo. What’s the story behind their photo? Would they dare to post it on their social media? And do they think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend? Let’s find out which blooper Roy and Lindy shared with us!

1. Hi Roy and Lindy! Tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

Hi, I’m Lindy, 34 years old and I was born and raised in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Together with Roy, I’ve been blogging about our travels for over 10 years but we started blogging more seriously about two years ago.

Our recent travels have taken us to countries like Sri Lanka, Morocco, New Zealand, and Colombia. You can find the tips on destinations on our blog “De Reizigers” (in Dutch) and the best shots of our travels on our Instagram account.

2. Can you tell us more about your travel blooper photo?

I had such a hard time finding a genuine blooper! Not because they never happen, but they generally end up in the trash very quickly. Roy and I had one amazing blooper where we had set up a camera with a remote, and twice in a row I pressed the shutter just when someone passed our scene. But the amazing thing was they were both at the same spot, we could hardly tell that they were different people! Anyways, those went MIA…

However, I did find this one: I’m posing in front of a beautiful (and very popular) piece of street art with peacock feathers in Mirissa (Sri Lanka). Roy is safely standing across the street. It seemed impossible to snap a picture where there’s not a tuk-tuk or motorbike crossing!

Anyways, I suck at posing. That’s why you probably only see images of us walking by or from behind! The few selfies where we do smile at the camera are created by poking each other until we start laughing. Yes, really.

Travel blooper De Reizigers

3. Would you dare to post this travel blooper on your social media channels?

For us, it’s not really a matter of daring to post this photo. We just would like to maintain a uniform Instagram feed. We’ve worked quite hard to obtain the feed we have now and we are pretty happy with the way it looks. A blooper like this might end up in our stories for everyone to see, but not on our feed because it just doesn’t fit.

4. Do you ever feel any pressure to only post “perfect” photos online?

Yes! Especially on Instagram, as we’re trying to grow our online presence and we feel that it’s important to have a perfect first impression.

5. Do you think less photoshopped, and even unedited photos, can become a trend?

In the old days of photography, there weren’t many editing options available. Nowadays photography is available to pretty much everyone. It’s almost too simple: you press the button on your camera and then you have a photo. It works great to collect memories quickly, but quality photography does take a bit more time and knowledge.

If you know what you’re doing, setting the correct white balance and exposure on your camera, you might be able to get a nice photo that requires minimal editing. If you’re looking to create cohesion between your photos you will have a hard time. Software programs such as Adobe Lightroom makes maintaining a certain look and feel much easier.

6. What’s your best tip for someone who feels insecure about their online presence? 

Capture whatever you like, but try to find an overlap in colors between each photo you take. It’s okay to mix up your color palette at some point, or to go crazy on your feed every once in a while, but in general, try to match the look and feel of your images.

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Blog: (in Dutch)
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Pinterest: dereizigersnl

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