5 Tips to Stay Healthy in New York

How to stay fit in New York

Stay healthy and fit while visiting New York

There’s one thing you should know when visiting New York: food temptations are everywhere. I mean burgers, donuts, ice cream, you name it! In this blog post, I have listed 5 easy tips that will help you to stay healthy while visiting New York.

My tips do NOT involve doing sit-ups in your room or me telling you to stay away from burgers. Don’t worry! Mix and match the tips below and find out what works best for you to maintain a healthy balance.

1. Healthy New York food options

New York is full of healthy hotspots you don’t want to miss! Most of these places are no longer hidden gems, so you might want to make a reservation just in case. These are my personal favorites:

Breakfast or brunch


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Healthy juices

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2. Explore New York by bike

Taking the public transport might be a smart solution if you’re trying to see as much as you can in a short period of time but remember you’ll be stuck under the ground and not seeing a lot of New York while traveling. I would suggest replacing some of your subway rides with healthy bike rides.

Rental bikes are everywhere and getting one is super easy and affordable. Usually, you do need the internet to make a reservation and a credit card for payment. During our two-week trip, Michel and I rented the Citi Bike because it seemed that it had plenty of locations to park the bike throughout the city.

How to stay fit in New York

Most bike lanes are easy to recognize by their green color or the print of a bike on them. Biking in New York can be a little challenging. Therefore, I would rent a bike outside of Times Square (or any busy area) to get yourself familiar with the rules for bikers.

I noticed a lot of bikers wear helmets everywhere. It’s not obligatory to wear one (except for children under 14) but please do if you feel like you need one.

How to stay fit in New York

Whenever you start to feel lost when cycling, just have a small break. Take some time to look at your map (or Google Maps) to see where you need to be heading. Navigating and cycling at the same time is dangerous. Also you probably won’t enjoy your route as much when you’re stressed out and don’t know where to go.

Check out NYC Bike Maps (to find out where bike lanes are located) or download a bike map (so you have an offline version to take with you). Once you get the hang of it cycling in New York is so much fun! Michel and I noticed we saw a lot more of the city AND we got some healthy extra exercise in the mean time.

3. Walk as much as you can 

Walking in New York is my favorite way to explore the city at your own pace. Free city maps are nearly everywhere (most hotels offer free maps as well) or just simply download a NY city map.

How to stay fit in New York

Or just plan a few short scenic walks throughout the day, like:

5 easy tips to stay healthy and fit in New York

4. Plan short activities during the day

Participating in an activity can be really enjoyable and it’s an awesome way to meet new people!

5 easy tips to stay healthy and fit in New York

These are my favorite activities (and most of them don’t feel like an actual exercise either, yaay):

  • Join a guided bike tour and learn more about the city at the same time.
  • Go to Central Park for boating or join a yoga class among the many activities this park has to offer.
  • Go ice-skating at Bryant Park, the Rockefeller Center or Prospect Park.
  • Go for a swim in Staten Island at South Beach or Midland Beach.
  • Try out your skills during a surf class at the New York surf school.
  • Find your way out in time in one of the exciting Escape Rooms in New York.
  • Get ready for some indoor sports, like paintball, laser tag or arrow/axe throwing at the Indoor Extreme Sports at Long Island or Staten Island.
  • WARNING – this activity is about visiting the gym (just in case you’re interested)! Many local gyms offer a free work-out. You can sign up for all kinds of free classes (yoga, pilates, kickboxing, crossfit, spinning etc.). Some gyms even offer a free day passes available so you can come in whenever you like.

How to stay fit in New York

5. Bring healthy snacks and prep your own meals

If you’re up for a long day of exploring the city it can be smart to bring your own food. We all have felt the craving for food after you finally made it out of that large H&M.

My best tip is to always prepare yourself by taking healthy snacks with you wherever you go. Get them at a local super market (like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods), a food market (Grand Central Market, Union Square Greenmarket and Smorgasburg) or a food hall.

Healthy options to bring along can be fruit, veggies, raw nuts, raw bars, yogurt or a small bar of pure chocolate. If you don’t have a fridge in your room consume it right away or only buy the items you can keep in your room.

Put a selection in your bag and you’re good to go! It saved me from a lot of hangry moments during our trip.

How to stay fit in New York

Besides healthy snack, you could also prep a meal and eat it on the go. Michel and I loved doing this and spent a good few days enjoying our self made breakfast or lunch in one of the gorgeous parks. Make sure to bring a meal box/jar and cutlery with you.

Easy meals to bring along are oatmeal, yogurt/açai bowls, salads, cold pastas or soups, sandwiches and wraps. I’m no cooking princess (Michel can confirm that!) but I managed to prep all of these. Just make sure not to keep them in your bag too long and plan wisely on a warm summer day…

How to stay fit in New York

Psssst, can’t get enough of New York?

Check out my Instagram New York story for more behind-the-scenes videos, our favorite food/drinks spots and more!

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